Application letters

On behalf of the whole Aylsham High School Young Chamber I would like to say thank you for the great response to open applications, we have received over 30 letters of application from all year groups possible so once again thank you.

Adam Knight

Year 10, Young Chamber member


Young Chamber Business Breakfast 2nd December

Young Chamber Business Breakfast 11th DecemberOn Friday 2nd of December the Aylsham High School Young Chamber will be holding a Business Breakfast. It is a great opportunity for businesses to network and make new contacts. If you are interested in attending the breakfast, please contact:

Elizabeth Meyer

Year 10, Young Chamber member

Young Chamber BOOST Day

On Monday 29 June 50 students from Year 7 were selected to take part in the annual Young Chamber BOOST Day.  BOOST is an acronym for building on our skills together, it allows students to use and develop their enterprise skills whilst working on a real live brief.  This year we worked in partnership with Aylsham Rotary to develop a brand strategy for the charitable activities that take place at Aylsham High School. This was our toughest challenge to date and really tested the students in the purpose, audience and overall aims for the brand.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the Year 7s thought:

My enterprise skills have improved a lot today, I have improved my teamwork especially, as all day I have been working alongside my wonderful group. As well I have worked on my communication skills after pitching my ideas.

The day has been an amazing experience, and I am planning to take all of my newly developed skills into much of my future work.

Samantha Daniels

My name is Eve and I took part in the year 7 BOOST Day 2015. When I was chosen to take part in this day, I was quite privileged and proud because only 50 year 7 students were chosen. I was really excited that, with a group of friends, I could design our very own charity brand. I always enjoy enterprise lessons so I was looking forward to it. During the day I was one of the designers and took part in making the main logo and creating the Facebook page. I loved being able to do this. While taking part I thought me and my teammates worked really well together and our overall performance went quite well. I think I have developed my teamwork lots through-out the day and also being able to innovate our idea to a better one. Overall I’ve really really enjoyed BOOST day and being able to have this opportunity!

Eve Gallagher

When I first found out that I was picked for BOOST Day, I felt really proud and I felt really privileged. During BOOST Day, I was one of the three designers in the group. My job was to design and make the t-shirt I also helped make the banner, the pen and the power point. I believe that our group did a great presentation and we were very creative. We used a variety of different enterprise skills like, creativity, determination teamwork and innovation.

Henry Hill 


After some very professional presentations the winners were announced, the group who will see their brand become a reality are The Marketing Unicorns.

I’d like to congratulate the Year 7s on their fantastic efforts during the day, they were absolutely amazing.  This was my first event as Business and Enterprise Captain and I feel very honoured I was able to play such a big role in the day, I look forward to many more in the year ahead.

Dominic Harvey

Former Business and Enterprise Captain

Young Chamber Visit to Bacton Gas Terminal

Young Chamber Visit to Bacton Gas Terminal

The Young Chamber is  a group of students  who hold a weekly meeting to organise business events, such as the business breakfast and BOOST, a day for Year 7 students to explore Business and Enterprise. We recently visited National Grid at Bacton Gas Terminal. We were welcomed by a video on health and safety and then toured the National Grid terminal, where we were showed the day to day operations taking place. We discovered many  things, not least that National Grid operate a monopoly on gas in the UK, that 1/3 of Gas supplied to UK is piped through Bacton and that UK gas supplies would last for just 2 days if Bacton were to shut down!
I learnt a great deal on what is required to work for the National Grid and it has opened up another career opportunity for me.
Thomas Spencer
Member of YC